Give yourself permission to be a beginner, to have a messy, imperfect start. Be a dabbler. Try a little. Play a little. Pick something that seems like it might be fun, but that you don’t have any deep attachment to. Don’t judge your first efforts, crow about them! Give yourself wagon-fulls of applause for achieving any sort of effect. Remember that you are a beginner and teach yourself as gently as you would a tiny child. If you enjoy something, you’ll want to do more of it. Paradoxically, and against a great deal of popular “wisdom” this approach gets faster results.

“Don’t be halfassed.”

“Any job worth doing is worth doing well.”

“You can’t be a real x, y, or z, if you’re not serious.”

There is a lot of this going around. Treat it like the illness it is and guard against catching it. Being serious is a massive waste of energy, as is worrying about a particular outcome, or comparing yourself unfavorably to people further along the path. If you indulge in these thoughts, you will expend many times the effort for a fraction of the gain.