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Why create this blog in the first place?

The aim of this blog is to literally encourage you, to cheer you on as you take healthy risks and to give you practical, immediate tools to manage fear and anxiety so you can take action. The more bravery you exercise, the larger your world becomes. As your courage grows, so does your experience of life, becoming more vivid, more deliciously juicy, more free. You deserve that. We all do.

Courage is accessible to EVERYONE. This blog is for anyone who:

  • …has ever been held back by fear.
  • …wants to know there are others in similar predicaments, and some who’ve made it out.
  • …is already on their own courage journey, but wants additional insights.
  • …is ready for a hero’s utility belt full of specialized tools to handle the myriad types and intensities of fear.
  • …is unsure, but curious, and might be ready soon.
  • …is tired of being stuck!

This blog is not a good fit for people who are:

  • …more interested in contemplating abstract, philosophical questions about bravery than in practicing courage in their everyday lives.
  • …primarily looking for profiles of heroic people. These stories are wonderful inspirations, but what we fear and what we face is as individual as we are. Comparisons are often unhelpful.

Now that we know where we stand, let’s jump right in!